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Toledo and Maumee, OH

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Thursday/Friday, August 28-29, 2008
Toledo and Maumee, OH

We arrived in Maumee on Thursday to stay with our friends, John and Sean and their son, Aiden. The guys took us on a quick tour of Toledo and the local area. I swear John missed his calling as a tour guide; he’s so detailed! We checked out the Glass Pavilion at the Toledo Museum of Art where even the restroom had glass sinks that were works of art. It was a blast catching up with the guys that evening. Even though we hadn’t seen each other since we all lived in San Francisco more than a few years back, it seemed like no time had passed at all.

Friday morning we got up and went out to breakfast with John and Aiden. Aiden was so adorable and was drawing up a storm. At one point he grabbed Frank’s camera and took some pictures that came out very good.

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