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Portland, ME

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Thursday, September 25, 2008
Portland, ME

Frank and I had been bouncing around the US on this road trip for several months now. We had agreed to divide the trip in half, he would plan the first part and I the second. The baseball portion of the trip now done, we dropped Steve at the airport and headed further north. This is where my section of the trip was to begin. As is typical with us, Frank researched and planned methodically and I winged it.

All I had planned was to visit our friend Blaine in Portland Maine, please no “the Blaine in Maine stays mainly on the plain” jokes. He worked at a hotel there and was able to get us a really great rate. It was fun catching up, realizing that Blaine was still the same old Auntie Blaine.

Our trip, however, ended up being sidetracked as we were rear-ended by a truck trying to make a left turn and taking our bumper with it!

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