Make Up Your Own Holiday

March 26th is National Create Your Own Holiday…day!

Oh, the choices. The mind numbs at all the options to choose from. “ National Tell Some Idiot Off Day” springs to mind or perhaps “National I’m Only Going to Eat Chocolate Day”. What about “National I’m Going to Start Every Sentence with the Word Fabulous Day” or maybe “National I Won’t Look at Anyone’s Facebook Status Day”

But due to my love of travel, I would have to nominate National Live Like a Local Day”. Every time I go do a foreign country I try and move into the life of an average Joe of that land. Can you imagine the possibilities? How about picking tea in India or coffee in Costa Rica. Perhaps an archeological dig in Peru, looking for lost cities of civilizations gone by.

Whenever I explore a new area, I always try to step off the beaten path and see the “real lives” of the environment. I love talking to the waiter about the best cafe a city has to offer or asking a cab driver where they take their out of town guests. I am always amazed at the things I see that were not in the travel guide.

So, next time you are a stranger in a strange land, take a moment and engage the locals. They are most often always eager to tell you their ideas.

I am a storyteller and I have been my whole life. I don't mean I lie, I just like to tell a tale or two from my experiences... and what is better than to help inspire others to experience something I love.