Frank Camacho

I have this thing about traveling. I really hate it. Oh, don’t get me wrong, there are few things I love more than researching and learning about new destinations, putting together a great itinerary and ensuring that every detail is in place. Yeah, I’m what most people call meticulous (actually there are harsher things they call it) – all cans in line with labels facing front in my pantry, meticulous. It’s really just that I hate to fly. Stepping onto the plane, palms all sweaty, hoping for no turbulence. I’m not so great with roller coasters either. I’m always excited about my next adventure up until the day before I leave. That’s when suddenly, I think, I would much rather stay home with my dog and watch Nat Geo. But I muster up the courage and board that plane because I understand the importance of travel. I understand the richness it brings to my life as I stand in the shadows of the Moai on Easter Island, the citadel of Machu Picchu or the Great Pyramids of Egypt. The greater knowledge of the world gained by not just reading about it but actually experiencing it.

Let me help inspire you to get off the couch, switch off the TV, put the dog with a sitter (or better yet, take him with you) and get on that plane! You’re not getting me on that roller coaster, however.