Kat Luper

Hiya! I’m Kat and I am a digital nomad. I write about all kinds of good things, like travel, alternative living, hostels, and cooking for an anti-inflammatory diet. Sometimes some fiction or poems are thrown in for good measure.

I discovered at a very early age that I am not very suited to a sedentary life, and have had more jobs and addresses than my resume can handle. Always looking for new experiences, I have been a commercial fisherman in Alaska, a goat herder, a travel agent, a property manager, a goat herder in Wales, and a surrogate mom for kangaroo joeys. I learned sign language from chimpanzees and learned that Brazilian cows are not impressed with my lack of milking skills. I have lived in a caboose on a Washington beach, a teepee in the sequoias, under the ground in Australia, and in a caravan wherever I happen to park it. With my “itchy feet”, I have backpacked to 47 countries, lived in 8 of those and touched on every continent on the planet.  But, there is still so much to see, more friends to make and more food to taste. So, let’s go!