Thomas Murphree

I was born in South Arabia, that’s right South Arabia. It later became Yemen and that sounds even MORE exotic. I remember in grade school, the teacher would always ask each student where we were born. I can’t tell you how many times I was almost called a liar for my response. The teacher, with a condescending smile saying “Now Tommy, tell us where you are really from”.

My family had moved a great deal before my birth due to my father’s position in an oil company. As my father moved up in the company, the moves to exotic lands subsided as he began to be based in US cities. My brother and sister got to live all over the Middle East and I was absolutely jealous. They assure me, it was not glamorous at all, but I beg to differ.

After an upbringing all around the US, I decided I wanted to be a world traveler!  I had been all over Europe in my teens but had failed to push the boundaries of getting off the beaten path!

I have now been on six of the seven continents (watch out Antarctica, I’m gonna get you yet) and have stayed in crazy hostels to look down your nose five-star hotels.  At all turns, I find the experience of the people of foreign countries to be amazing!

What better than to help inspire others experience something I love.


P.S. All photos on my blog posts are mine unless otherwise noted.